Thursday, 14 January 2016

8 Lessons of life from the One Punch Man !

An Introduction to the One Punch Man: His actual name is Saitama, and is hero for fun. After deciding to be a hero, he trains himself by running 10 kms daily, along with 100 squats. 100 sit ups & 100 push ups for 3 years, without a single day's break! After 3 year's he becomes so powerful that he could destroy or kill any monster of any shape or size, by just a punch, and therefore the name. On the flip side, after having no significant opposition and losing all the human emotions, he feels all the fun going out of his life. He accepts a cyborg as his disciple and decides to join the Hero Association, in order to gain some popularity!
So, the protagonist Saitama, decides to become a hero for fun and what follows is legendary! I bring you few life's lessons learnt from the season 1.
Lesson # 1- > Listen to what your heart says. Only it can guide you to your destiny.
Lesson # 2 - > After a few years, it's not the skill but the mindset that really matters.
Lesson # 3 - > Follow a person that you admire, even if he can't teach anything to a highly skilled person like you, you'll be able to draw good things from him from time to time.
Lesson # 4- >  It's of utmost importance that you get noticed. So give a good amount of efforts to it.
Lesson # 5- > It's good to keep moving, even if you have to start from the bottom again at the new level.
Lesson # 6- > A best attempt with clear conscience in a testing or difficult situation is all that matters. Because flaws can always be found along with criticism.
Lesson # 7- > Stay simple and stay naive. Do things your way and have fun while doing it!
And finally the last but not the least...
Lesson 8 - > Whatever you wish to achieve, do not work very very hard to achieve it. Pace things up, so that you don't get... errrrr.. bored! Once you've reached there.  
Quite often life's most important lessons come from the sources you'd never dream of. So keep exploring, learning, and sharing the wisdoms whenever you can.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Do Favoritism But Dislike Favoritism, why?

My favorite song is.....

My favorite holiday destination is....

My favorite actor, my favorite actress...

I bet you can fill pages for every category that ever existed in this world, with the sentence beginning with "My favorite ..... is..."

But what happened when we fall in to one of the category and someone has to choose their favorite and where constantly you've been missed out?

Would you share the anguish for all the missed out nouns from you "My favorite list" or would you simple ignore you favorites and cry foul?

Be at peace!

Life means much more than being on someone's "My favorite list".

The reason for our birth was not to come true on everyone's expectations. Whatever you do, either you would be liked or be hated or even be ignored!

If losing on in being in someones "My favorite list" means going home hungry, better re-orientate where your life is headed and where you actually want it to be.

Be truthful, be honest, be righteous and don't bother cause you are and always be a part of this universe. That universe which gave you your molecules and that universe which will take those molecules back once you are finished with using them.

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